3 Selfie Tips For Fat Babes

Let me go ahead right away let you know that this post is not going to be about all the right angles to make your face look thinner, and if that’s what you were looking for then you are definitely in the right place. Because I’m here to show you that you can still be sexy with a double chin. So stick around and I hopefully can help you start loving to take selfies.

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Personal Update

I know I haven’t posted in a bit so I apologize. Sometimes we all have our moments. So I figured I would give you all an update on me.

First things first in case you didn’t know I have myself a side shave, my hair was boring me and I wanted a change, but wanted to keep my pink as well.

I’ve had my ups and downs mentally lately. I’ve had to take a step back more than once and assess what am I doing, and is this what I want to do? After thinking about it for a while yes it is. I have always loved writing and I love letting people get to know a me that I usually hide.

So here is to more blog posts in the future. I want to talk about things I have tried, and I want to talk about myself as well. I was thinking of doing one of those MySpace survey type of posts so you see people doing on their YouTube.

So I leave this up to you and the people who follow me on Instagram, would you like a more personal get to know me questions or makeup related first?

Let me know in the comments!