Hello, world! I’m fat. I look good. That’s all, thank you.

Greetings, friends. If you are fat, you also look good. Okay, good bye.

Thin people, you are welcome to reblog this to let your fat friends know they are phenomenal

You guys always look good, no matter if you are fat or thin. But what makes you really really beautiful is looking healthy in my opinion.


So anyways fat folks, as I was saying, you look good.

Hey, I’m skinny, and people like gurrkenkopf usually think I’m beautiful because, according to your standards, I look “healthy” BUT GUESS WHAT!

  • I’m underweight
  • I have many health problems
  • I suffer from chronic pain
  • I’m tired of you masquerading your fat-shaming as encouraging health

Health does not dictate beauty, just as size does not dictate beauty. And I know your size is not indicative of your health!

To my fat friends, you are beautiful. All of you.

All bodies are good bodies!

I love my jiggles and rolls!

*giggles, jiggles and rolls the fuck out*