Is BareMinerals BAREPRO Worth It?

Guys as you already know I am pale, I’m talking reflecting light off my skin pale. The kind of pale that if you take a flash pic of me I’m completely washed out and details of me are almost non existent.

I also have the most confused skin on the planet, it’s oily one day and dry the next and there is no in between. So finding that perfect foundation is damn near impossible. I thought I found my perfect foundation once and then it turned on me and oxidized and turned me into an Oompa Loompa.


Testing out the foundation

So when I got picked by influenster to test out the new BareMinerals BAREPRO foundation, I was excited, but at the same time was worried, because of my face and how nothing has ever worked before. I went for it though because I won’t know if I don’t try. The product itself was a very, well thin in consistency. I pumped out 3 pumps and went to town with my oval brush. I wasn’t happy with the coverage so I went in again, but this time with my blender sponge.

My Results:

Guys let me tell you it looked amazing, just check out the pic, I didn’t filter my face at all. I just keep staring at my face. It matched so well and my small pores were non existent. I finished my makeup and went about my day.

After 8 hours

I had some wear, you could see my pores and my chin mole peeked out as well. In all; I am pretty impressed with this foundation, and will continue to use it. When you get a chance check it out for yourself.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I received this product complimentary from influenster testing purposes.

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