Step Up: Bullying Stops With YOU

I Was A Bullying Victim:


The featured picture here is of me when I was 8 years old. What you don’t see is the girl standing next to me. Lets call her Kate. She lived next door to me in the projects and to be honest we were not friends.

Her parents made her invite me to parties and sleepovers. When I was there Kate and her friends would make fun of me. They would call me fat, poor and ugly. It seemed like bullying me was their favorite thing to do. It hurt and when I tried to tell my parents, they ignored me. Mother and father would say she was my only friend. So I should just grin and bare it. So then I did. Then eventually we moved, and I never had to see her again.

Bullying is not Okay:


Bullying was not okay when I was 8 and being picked on by Kate and it’s not okay now. Something I’m really tired of is Internet bullies. They come through and say whatever they want, while they hide behind their computer screen. I’ve seen it happen to my friends, myself and even people I don’t know.

They think it’s so funny that they can say what they want and go about their day with no consequences. They don’t care if they hurt you just for a laugh. God forbid you defend yourself, because if you do you become the bad guy. Then they bring in even more of their “friends” to attack you.

My Advice On Bullying:


Keep defending yourself. If you don’t defend yourself they will see it as an opportunity to come back and hurt you more. We all should stand up for others when you see them being bullied. Because in this digital age it will happen to everyone eventually. Stand up for others in real life as well. If we all stand together as one the bully will have to back down. So stand up and help. Let people know that they are not alone because bullying is not ok. It is never ok.

Always report any bullying you see wether you are in school or online or anywhere else. Document it. (Screenshot or photos or video etc.) Give a copy to an adult, or report on the website you are on. You can also report cyber bullying here.

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