You Don’t Care About My Health: Message For The Fat Phobic Health Warriors

I just have this to say about Fat Phobic Health Warriors:

A while back I was attacked on Instagram in the comments of one of my photos ( see photo below) for being fat, and “unhealthy” as if she knew my medical records personally. She said to me,

“if I was your son or daughter, I would beg you to change.. because nobody likes losing a family member to a heart attack.”

She just assumed because I have extra belly fat from having kids, that I will die of a heart attack. I am so tired of the fat phobic “health warriors.” They like to use the excuse of being concerned for our health, so they can lash out at us. They are playing the “good guy” when in fact they are no different then the people who come right out and say lose weight fat ass.

Do me a favor and just stop.

Stop acting worried for my health, or any other overweight persons health. You do not care. There is obviously something wrong with yourself that you need to fix, and so you take it out on us.

That will not be happening anymore. I will not just block people who hate on me or my friends. I will call you out, and will defend my friends as well as others. If it comes down to it I will contact your parents/boss/family and let them know what you are doing.

We are people too, we live and breath just the same as everyone else. We go though struggles and loss just the same as the next person, sometimes even worse. Start treating us with respect because we deserve it. Think before you speak, or furiously tap on your keyboard. We are all just humans, trying to live our lives; to the best of our abilities.

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