Together, We Rise

There is a light in the darkness.

Yet fear holds me back.

It pulls me down.


I cannot breathe.

The darkness over powers me and my light becomes more faint.

I cry out and no one hears.

I am not alone.

There are many of us crying out.

But we can’t even hear each other.

The sadness and fear hold us down.

There are people watching.

Watching us fall into despair.

They enjoy it.

It makes them feel good.

Our pain, our fear, it makes them powerful.

The only way to stop their power it’s to step out of the darkness.

Step into the light.
I know it’s bright.

But it’s what we have to do.

Walk forward and show them who you are.

You are fat, POC, LGBTQ, disabled.

You are also human.

You deserve happiness no matter who you are.

So wipe away your tears and show the world who you are.

Be yourself and feel good about it.

Forget the darkness that you spent your life in.

Because it’s a new day and the world is changing.

Be part of that change and empower others while you are at it.

We may not be the standard, but we have standards.

So keep them high and always love yourself.

Disclaimer: I own the copyright to any and all poetry I post on this website. It is my own work, and can not be used or redistributed without my knowledge or permission.

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