Why You Shouldn’t Store Your Makeup In The Bathroom

You could ruin your makeup if you store it in the bathroom. 

I know that a lot of women tend to apply their makeup in the bathroom, I have also noticed more and more that women are keeping their makeup stored in the bathroom as well and that’s not a great idea.


When I first started collecting makeup I kept mine in the bathroom. When I would use it I noticed how my eyeshadows seemed more pliable and almost squishy so I looked up information about it and found out that it was not the best idea. I quickly relocated my makeup.

Mold and bacteria thrive in warm and humid conditions.

They can grow in your cosmetics as well as skin care and body lotions and oils. It can cause troublesome skin reactions as well as deteriorate your makeup.  Most makeup does contain preservatives to keep the mold at bay, but natural/organic products should never be stored in the bathroom as they usually do not contain preservatives.

It’s best if you keep your makeup in a cool dry place or area.

It’s to ensure your makeup lasts longer. Think vanity or bookcase or a drawer or any place that isn’t hot/humid.

There are some products that can be stored in the bathroom such as shampoos, body washes and deodorant because they are used and replaced more often than other products.

Lastly don’t forget to keep your products properly sealed when not in use to help keep bacteria and molds out.  

So tell me (be honest) where do you store your makeup and skin care products! I keep mine in my bedroom on my vanity and on shelves.

6 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Store Your Makeup In The Bathroom

  1. I not only leave my makeup in my bathroom…I also leave my brushes out in the open. I have to organize all my makeup products and tools better to avoid damaging them or putting something that might not be good anymore on my face

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