3 Tips For Growing Your Brand As A Reviewer

I have been reviewing for a while now, and I’ll admit at first I really sucked at it. I’m sure we all do it at first, it’s not we instantly always know what to say about something new that is tried. So with this post I will give you tips on how I became a better reviewer, hopefully I can help someone else out.


Be Honest:

They say honesty is the best policy and it’s true. Sometimes you really want to love something, maybe you heard good things about it or reviews you saw for it were awesome, but when you get it, you realize it was crap. That’s okay, not everything in this world is amazing, but what matters most is you’re honest about it. Even if you are the one in a million person who hates it, or it wasn’t as advertised or just didn’t work always be honest about it. Your fellow consumers want to know the truth.

Be Descriptive:

While you don’t have to say what the product is over and over being descriptive is a must. How does it work? What did you use it for? Did it work the same after using it for a long period of time? Would you buy it again? Thing about questions like this when writing a review and it will help make a great quality review.


Tell A Personal Story:

Being honest and being descriptive is a must, telling a personal story on how the product worked for you is a great addition to your review. It goes hand and hand with being descriptive. I love hearing or reading about others personal stories on how a product worked for them it really gives a feel of how it might work for you.



Reviewing may seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, you will be an expert.


Note: if you are a brand business that would like to work with me please leave your information on the contact page or you can contact me via my Instagram.

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