Dark Corner of Plus Size Shame

Plus Size Shopping Is Hard.

I recently went to a couple of stores looking to buy clothing and was not happy with how the plus size sections were. 


At both of them the plus size women’s section was shoved to the back of the store barely lit, unorganized and basically a mess. As I looked through the racks in this dark corner it honestly made me feel like crap. 

I was happy when I first got to the store, but standing in this dark back corner flipping through the small selection of plus size clothing was a downer. It made me feel unwanted, or as if I didn’t belong in the store. That’s not how women should feel shopping for clothing.


We Deserve Human Decency.

When I was younger something like this wouldn’t have bothered me. I would have stood in that dark corner trying to hide my shame as I picked up a size 26 pair of jeans, but that simply is not the case anymore. I don’t deserve to feel like that. I am a human and I deserve, no all plus size people deserve simple human decency.


It’s fine if a store doesn’t carry plus size, hell I expect that and it’s fine if a store has a small selection as well as I know that plus size clothing goes really fast. I just don’t understand why it has to be in a back corner, when all the rest of the clothing in the store was out in the open in the light. 

As someone who finally regained their confidence in themselves and their body, it made me feel shame standing there. I was only in the store for 10 minutes and I then decided to leave and take my business elsewhere. 


You should never feel like you have to hide when shopping for clothing, and you should never feel shame. Whether you are working to lose weight, or not, you deserve to feel comfortable in your skin and you deserve to have a good shopping experience. Ladies and Fellas never settle for the dark corner of plus size shame.

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