Hey Beauty Bath Ball Review

I love bath balls!

I was really excited when I received these bath balls. I am always eyeing the bath ball sets on Amazon so when I got one to test out I was ecstatic. They box they came in is adorable and reusable. And the smell from them was intoxicating.

The first chance I got I decided to do a mom spa day to test these babies out. I took out one with real dried out flowers on top because it seemed to have the most color, when I dropped it in it fizzed up like I expected. And color started to “fill” the tub. I use that term loosely though just because it only left a slight pink tinge to the water. I don’t know about everyone else but I like a lot of color when it comes to bath balls. So I decided to go ahead and drop the other two balls in that had dried flowers on top and finally got the color results I wanted a bright pink bath.

“After I put in 3”


There was more disappointment though. It seemed that was that as soon as they hit the water the aroma was gone. There was no pleasant scent like it had in the box wafting around the bath. I even put my nose close to the water and there was nothing it was like it never had a scent at all. It kind of reminded me of the overspray they do with glitter in some eyeshadows, but instead it was an overspray of rose and lavender scent on the whole box.

With all the negative about this set there was a positive, it left my skin feeling incredibly soft after the fact. My skin sometimes gets dry in the summer so having a bath ball that will moisturize my skin is a great thing to have. Also they didn’t stain my tub, no extra scrubbing needed.

In the end I would not buy these myself, because the name is misleading and they do not have an aroma at all. There are plenty of other small companies out there that live up to their name with their bath balls and the prices are much lower.

Aroma bath balls are $24.99 on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I did receive this product free to test out, but all opinions are my own.

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