The Struggles Of Loving My Body After Children

I am probably not the first to say this, but, it is something I truly believe. Loving your body is a process. Most people don’t just wake up one day loving their body. Even those woman you see in magazines stood there in front of the mirror at one time or another staring at themselves and making judgments on themselves. It took me a long time to love myself and when I did finally love myself I had kids and then my body changed. I had to start the process all over again.

I know that everyone’s way of falling in love with themselves is different but in this post I want to talk about what it was like for me the good and the bad.

After I had my daughter my main concern was healing from my c-section and taking care of my kids. The taking care of the kids part was no problem at all. My girl was an easy baby and my son was a very helpful toddler. My struggle was healing from the surgery and not over exerting myself. (Spoiler alert I over exerted myself a lot) After 3 months I finally started feeling like myself again.

One day I asked my husband to take a full body of me because I wanted to see what I looked like. After I saw the photo I cried.

My breasts were larger than before. I had this new flap of skin hanging down on my stomach. My feet were bigger and my face looked swollen. My husband held on to me as I cried and reassured me that I was just as beautiful as I was before, but, to me I wasn’t, I was a stranger in my new body.

I ate less, and worked out more, but it didn’t change my problems. My face got a bit thinner, but the larger boobs stayed as well as the skin on my stomach. I started asking some of my confident plus size friends what made them so confident and they didn’t really have an answer for me expect that the way you dress can change the way you feel about yourself.

So I bought a bunch of cute clothes and put them on, but I still didn’t feel good about myself. I put them on a hanger in my closet and forgot about them.

I became somewhat content with how I looked and that was that. Then I made a new friend who was very body positive and truly inspired me to love me as I am.

I started digging into my closet again I put on those clothes and I wore them with pride. I felt good about myself I was back to that old confident me again. It inspired me to want to encourage and inspire others as well. So that is what I am doing now. I am encouraging others to love themselves and cheering on everyone I come across because it was what was done for me. I can truly say I love myself and that I am happy with how I look. I hope this will inspire others to love themselves as well.

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