7 Tips To Help You Get Your First 1k Followers On Instagram

When you are trying to build a social media following maybe for a blog or a YouTube, it’s best to start on Instagram.

1. You first need to decide your niche before you start following or trying to gain followers because, once you know what direction you are going finding people will be easy.

2. Start looking up popular hashtags in your niche and you will find photos and people you might enjoy following.

3. Now interact with these people. Comment on their photos, like their photos, but don’t be pushy don’t tell them directly to come look at your Instagram. (Because let’s be honest it’s very rude to go to someones account and disregard their content and tell them to look at yours)

4. Remember that Instagram does have limits, so like or comment on 3-5 pictures per person.

5. If you see a post similar to your own, you could mention that you posted something like that as well.

6. Now another part of gaining followers is good quality posts, wether it be product photos or scenery photography it needs to be quality with a great description, because if you want others to interact with you as well you need to have content that they can get behind and content that they will enjoy seeing and commenting on.

7. Lastly, have fun with it. If you want to edit your photos then edit them, you can be serious about growing your Instagram but don’t forget to make sure you are enjoying yourself.

Make sure you are interacting several times a day, everyday and post often and you will hit your first 1k in no time.

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