Why Body Positivity Is More Than Self Love

I’ve been noticing lately that everyone is trying to jump on the body positivity bandwagon, when they have no idea what the actual meaning is. Body positivity and self love are two completely different things.

Self love has to do with loving yourself it’s pretty self explanatory, while body positivity is much more than that.

Body Positivity of course includes self love, but it’s also about standing up for yourself, it’s about demanding the respect that you deserve as a person no matter what your body type, disability, gender, or skin color, etc.

We minority’s have been pushed to the back burner for too long. People brush us off, like our feelings don’t matter. They pretend we don’t exist unless they want to make fun of us, or stereotype us, or give us unsolicited advice that we need to work out an get healthy. As if it is our life’s dream to be just like them.

Do not, I repeat do not make assumptions about someone you don’t know, because it makes you look incredibly ignorant, so maybe keep your health concerns to yourself.

You can no longer keep us down, we aren’t hiding our heads in shame any longer. Those times have changed and you can’t pretend we don’t exist anymore. We exist all of us, all of the people you make fun of in private and in public, we exist, and we deserve basic human decency and respect as human beings.

You can try to push your way into our body positive movement and make it your own, but we will not stand for that. Stick to what you know, and leave the body positivity to us.


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