Message To My Younger Self

I have seen people posting photos of themselves when they were younger and photos of themselves now leaving a message to their younger selves on Instagram so it inspired me to do this as well.

Me at age 7


Dear sweet April, I know that you struggle. You feel like you aren’t in control of anything in your life and you are moving constantly. You feel like you can’t make any friends, but that’s just not true. You are a nice sweet girl and you don’t need to give stuff to people to get them to like you. If they don’t like you just move on, because not everyone will like you.

As you get older life will get harder, but please don’t give up. You will be beat down physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t give up. Stand up for yourself, don’t back down.

Me at age 14


Don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t do it. If you fall get back up. If you are pushed, push back twice as hard. Follow your dreams and leave behind anyone who isn’t there for you.

Last but not least, don’t forget to love yourself. You are an amazing individual. Keep being unique, someday people will appreciate you for you.


7 thoughts on “Message To My Younger Self

  1. Exactly the words I would’ve told myself 20+ years ago. I remember at 14 I thought life was practically giving itself to me and I’d be worry free. It has gotten more difficult as you probably already know but that’s life. For me I would’ve told myself to be more responsible with finances and start at an early age. Thanks for sharing.


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