Finding My Style

Hey all I am back, I apologize for being gone for over a week, I was sick and needed some time to take care of myself as well as my children (they were sick as well) but I am back and ready to get back on my regular schedule.

This photo is from when I was 13 in 8th grade.

When I was younger I was always the bigger girl. I started wearing women’s clothing when I was 11 because I hit puberty early and developed breasts and my body went from a very round shape to a curvy one. I had an issue though, because I had D size breasts at 11. So I found that only larger shirts would fit over them, but then the lower half would be long and baggy because it just didn’t fit my body. I couldn’t wear any v cut or u cut tops, because I would get in trouble at school for my cleavage.

It got to a point that I started shopping in the men’s section for all my clothing, jeans, pants, shirts, coats you name it and I got it in the men’s section. This went on for so many years that when people asked me what size clothing I wore in women’s that I told them I didn’t know, just because everything I wore was men’s clothes. Excluding the few t-shirts that my mom got me.

I really dislike this photo, simply because I was trying so hard to look good, but in the end I always felt like I failed. I am wearing men’s jeans in this photo.


I did have the occasional moo moo that my mom got for me to wear around the house and any shirts that didn’t fit her became mine, but if you grew up in the 90s and early 00s you know that a lot of plus size tops had butterflies and mixed up colors well things that just screamed, “I am fat, just look at the ugly design on my shirt.”

So the women’s clothing I did had made me very uncomfortable in my own body.

By the time high school rolled around, I didn’t even think about clothing. I put whatever was clean and went to school. Of course I was out of style in a school full of students, that were all about fashion. I had friends; nobody made fun of my clothing, but I still felt out of place. Everyone dressed so nicely and there I was in my over-sized hoodie and tight fitting track pants that were too long for me.

Legit photo of me from high school when I was in my graphic design class.


After high school is when I started to finally try to find my style, I was in college and would look like a different person everyday. From super colorful to goth, I tried it all. I didn’t realize till later on that my style is pretty eclectic and will always vary day to day. It took me 23+ years to find out my style and it didn’t just happen overnight, so if you are struggling with your own personal style like I did just keep trying new things.

Me now.

Loving fashion and loving life.

Go out of your comfort zone because you never know when you will find the clothing that makes you feel like you.


5 thoughts on “Finding My Style

  1. This is so inspiring to see you coming out of your shell! I was born in the late 80’s, so I too knew the struggles of certain hand me down outfits that had to be worn that weren’t very flattering. I grew busty and was never offered a very wide range of styles I could wear that I liked. You look absolutely beautiful girl and you rock!


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