This Is Why You Should Take The Plunge and Try Nylea Blackhead Remover

Got this mask to try out today, I’ve starting having issues with my skin, blackheads, clogged pores and I haven’t had a real problem with them since I was in high school.

It was a runny but thick formula, it made it more easy to spread on my nose checks and lip area. It also had a pleasant scent that was very faint and not overpowering at all.

I made sure to rub it in my pores well to make sure it gets all my black heads, and sebaceous filaments that I have been having issues with. I ended up with a thin layer.

After about 5 mins I could feel the sea mud in the mask begin working my face had a cool tingling feeling that honestly felt super refreshing on my skin.

At about 10 minutes it was almost completely dry. I was surprised, because usually when I use peel off masks they have a problem with drying down around my chin and lip area. So I gave it 5 more minutes to dry all the way.

Because my layer was so thin it was a bit hard to pull off so next time I will make sure to make it thicker so it’s easier to remove. Even with my layer being thin I pulled a ton of blackheads and gunk out of my pores. My face feels great and my pores feel much better.

I have a photo of the mask after use below as well. You can see all the stuff it pulled out of my face.

If you would like to purchase this mask you can on Amazon here.

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