5 Body Positive Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. I see all these amazing people in my feed all the time uplifting themselves and others and they all continue to inspire me to keep on the journey I am on. I asked each one of them before I wrote this blog for a quote about what body positivity means to them.


Michelle is an award winning body positive activist and a body positive coach. Through her Instagram she tells about her experiences and the good and the bad and she still stands strong in her beliefs and encouraging others!

“Body positivity means fighting for the representation of marginalised bodies and fighting against the oppression.”


Gia is a absolutely gorgeous plus size, transgender, Latina, who uses her Instagram to empower others as well as herself to be your truest self. She has such a kind heart and is fierce af.

“If i was defining body positivity to someone who isn’t well versed, I would say its a movement of people embracing who they are now, loving themselves deeply and understanding how valid and worthy they are even if society has told them otherwise their entire life.  It’s a movement of people who are bringing visibility to those marginalized groups that have been left in the dark for so long.”


Tamara is someone I recently started following, she is honest and blunt and beautiful. Her account is a mix of body positivity, mental health and makeup.

“Body positivity means feeling emotionally and physically safe to exist. It means recognizing, as a culture, that the soul is infinitely more important than the body. Men and women of the body positivity movement are creating a shift in the conversation about health and beauty and we can see this beginning to make an impact in the fashion world and in the media. We have a ways to go, but I believe we will one day have a more accepting culture that reflects the physical diversity that exists.”


Jamie is one of the first curvy bopo people I followed on Instagram and honestly I fell in love! she’s bubbling with so much style and personality and she is one of the sweetest people I know on Instagram.

“Too often we are treated that we are too much. Too large. Too small. Too loud. Too shy. Too flamboyant. Too modest. Too everything. Many of us start to believe we are too much and not enough at the same time. I created this because I truly believe in the transformative power of fashion. I am a body-positive curvy femme who loves to travel and dress-up. I do this for the ladies, femmes and anyone else that can relate.”

And this last but not least:


On this Instagram others body positive/fat positive posts are shared. It’s full of inspiring people that are all helping to change societies perception of beauty. There is also a blog that you should definitely check out here.

“Body positivity is about loving the body we all have no matter what people say or think about our body. It is not about the idea of the happiness that if I loose or gain few pounds then I’ll be happy. It is about accepting that YES I have this body and I’m going to learn how to love it properly. It is a process to remove the hate/ doubts in ourselves toward our body.”

There are so many more that I haven’t even mentioned, if you want to find more on Instagram look up body positive hashtags and follow them that way you will have more body positivity in your feed. I hope you all enjoyed this and found some new great people to follow.

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