Easy DIY Diva Ring Light With Pictorial

So on my Instagram last week I shared a post telling you all I was going to make my own ring light. After I got all the products needed I did my step by step with pictures so I can help others make their own ring light and save money in the process.

Note: click the words on the products you need below list to purchase the products you need to make your own.

Things you’ll need:

I got my metal wreath from Walmart a few years ago so I can’t remember what I paid for it. It is an 18″ which is a perfect size.

You are going to wrap your wreath in aluminum foil shiny side out until it is completely covered. Like the photo below.

After that comes the fun part, you take out the led rope lights and unplug the plug from it if it’s still attached and use a zip tie to secure the end of the cord where you want it.

After securing the end it’s time to wrap the wreath until you reach the end, it may seem like that won’t all fit around, but that’s what the zip ties are for.

Now it’s time to get out your 8″ zip ties to secure the rope light to the wreath, use as many as you need to get it tightly secured.

I suggest getting the white zip ties because they are almost invisible after you put them on.

Don’t forget to trim them after tightening them. Time to plug it in and see how it looks.

Success you have made your very own ring light and for much cheaper than it would be to buy the diva ring.

I also attached my ring light to one of my tripods with zip ties as well that way I have my own ring light and stand and I can use it to take pictures and videos easily.

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