Fashion is Fleeting Personal Style is Forever

We Are Surrounded By Fashion

I am no expert what-so-ever in the fashion industry. I enjoy fashion. I love how it is constantly changing. It can be something simple to something completely out of this world. Growing up fashion always intrigued me and I obsessed with the latest trends and ogled over the beautiful clothing in magazines and on runways.

While I could never afford to being “in” all the trends that I fell in love with stayed with me. Even today I can’t afford to stay on trend with everyone else. Clothing is too expensive to just wear a couple of times for one season.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have Good Style

So over the years all the types of fashion trends that I fell in love with helped me shape my personal style. My personal style is an eclectic mix of so many things. If I see something and I like it it just becomes part of my style.

I’ve had people in the past tell me that they thought my style was goth or dark, and while I love lots of clothing from “gothic” fashion trends that’s just not who I am. My personal style can’t really be defined in words, it shouldn’t be,because it’s all me. I love when I see someone else’s personal style because you can see so much personality just in what people wear.

Don’t try to be someone else because it won’t work. Embrace your style no matter what it is, because in the end fashion trends fade, but your own style lasts forever.

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