Live Your Life

I share myself with the world or to the people in the world that want to see. I am pretty much an open book. Our world is changing though. It seems like everyone is in competition to show who has the best life. I refuse to be part of that competition.

Live it up

When I was younger everyone would live in the moment and made memories that would last a lifetime. Now people have to take photos just to show people how much fun they had. (That pics or it didn’t happen bullshit.) I am not against this at all, photos make the memories all the better to remember when you look back on them.

What makes me sad though is people not living in the moment. Make your memories, enjoy your times with friends and family. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Put the phone or camera down once in a while and just live.

Stop Waiting

This also goes for all my amazing friends and followers who are waiting. Waiting to lose a few pounds, before they wear that outfit. For my friends who are waiting to take a walk because it’s raining. People who are waiting to live because they are financially not able to buy things. Girl, naw trust me you can have fun when your broke, get out there and live.

Stop waiting to live your life, we only get one life to live (unless there is reincarnation, but still it’s not like you will get to live this life again.) Say yes to the crop top, say yes to the walk, SAY YES TO LIVING!

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