We Deserve Respect…. PERIOD!

So today I saw a photo floating around Facebook that set me off it is of a woman in a sheer bra saying no man should respect a woman that walks out of the house like this (I am including the photo below)

I don’t know where this pic came from or who she is, but she doesn’t deserve to be talked about in this way.

So I have a quite a few strong feelings about this and what better place to share them than here on my blog.

First of all, there is no other caption then the one posted on it, who’s to say she was leaving the house when she obviously took it inside, she could have simply been trying on a new bra and felt good af and wanted to share it. Even if she went out like that why would it be anyone else’s business.

Second of all. If you can’t respect a woman because of the type of clothing she is wearing you don’t respect women period! She allowed to wear what she wants and still get respect.

This person who wrote the caption is perpetuating the rape culture ideal that if a women isn’t modest or covering herself up that she is asking for it.

Nobody is ever asking to be raped because of something they wear. You can have self respect and still wear what you want. Rape culture wants you to think that we have to dress for men to respect us and to not to rape us.

This thought process is fucked, even women are out here thinking that if they wear something revealing that they don’t respect themselves.

No boo boo. Don’t ever think like that, ever. That just they lie that they pounded into our heads to keep us submissive.

So remember this, you wear what you want, where you want and if someone try’s to tell you about self respect just tell them to get with the times because the days of guilting women into submission are over and if they don’t like it they can shove it.

Be the woman that you want to be not the one that society wants you to be.

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