Dashing Diva Press On Nails Review

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that a few weeks ago I got dashing diva press on nails from glimmer, to try out.

I am an extremely skeptical person, especially when it comes to fake nails. I been using fake nails since I was 8 years old and no matter what kind, glue on press on they usually pop off in 1 or two days. So any type of nail I try I don’t expect them to last.

I decided to try out the long orange nails first they are my favorite color and super cute. They stuck really well when I pressed them on, I went about my day doing what I always do.

Two days went by and they were still on. I was feeling surprised.

After 5 days I felt like I was losing my mind, nails never stay on me especially press on nails.

After 9 days I was sold. These are the best press on nails I’ve ever used. When I removed them it was easy, only a little bit of the double stick was left on my nails and I easily scraped it away.

Babes you definitely need to check out this brand they have them at Sally Beauty Supply, they have lots of different looks and they have press on toenails as well!

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