Caregivers. Are. Adorable.

☁ that little chuckle they do when you’re being silly

☁ their constant concern over our well-being, “did you eat yet?? Drink enough water?? How’s your stuffies, hun???”

☁ when they join us in our little activities, coloring with us, playing dollies, come to our tea parties

☁ when they become needy also and just want to cuddle

☁ when they stare at you with eyes full of love and a soft smile

☁ when they randomly attack you with snuggles and kisses

☁ when they call you by your pet name

☁ when cuddling and they slowly run their fingers through your hair and softly rub your back

☁ when they get equally as excited about things

☁ that quiet, heartwarming moment as they look at you and say “my baby”

Caregivers are so cute and amazing, they deserve the world and a few stickers. Please dni if k1nk, nsfw, or anti cglre.


did I just die from cute?

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