Things Caregivers can say instead of “Don’t Cry”

  • “It’s okay to be sad, little one.”
  • “This is really hard for you, eh?”
  • “Don’t worry, you’re safe, Daddy’s here with you.”
  • “Do you want to talk to Daddy about it, babygirl?”
  • “I understand, babygirl, I hear you.”
  • “That was really scawy/sad/frustrating.”
  • “That’s a tough one, baby girl, shall Daddy help you figure this out?”
  • “Do you need some space, babygirl? Daddy’s here for you, and he’s going to stay close so you can find Daddy when you’re ready, okay?”

Littles can be very emotional sometimes, and not everything is Daddy’s fault, these phrases might help Daddy empathise, figure out what is going on, and stay sensitive to little feelings.

*Daddy is interchangeable with Caregiver, Mummy, etc.
*Babygirl is interchangeable with Little, Little One, Baby, Kitten, Puppy, Princess, Angel, etc. 

I dun like it when people tell me not to cry…

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