If You’re a Busy Daddy


🍼•Pick out her favorite Disney movie to watch so she can stay in little space.
🍼•Call her by her little names. (Ex: princess, babygirl, kitten, etc.)
🍼•Give her a chore or a list of chores to do while you’re gone so she feels like she’s being a good little and useful.
🍼•Refer to yourself as daddy whenever texting or talking on the phone.
🍼•Send her pictures of yourself. We always love seeing our Daddies.
🍼•Buy her something while you’re out. Doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe a $1 toy.
🍼•Make sure she’s taking care of herself. Ask her if she’s brushed her teeth or taken a bath.
🍼•Reassure her that you still love her and that daddy is always here. Remind her that you’re busy.
🍼•Let her wear one your shirts or hoodies while you’re gone. We love wearing our Daddies clothes.

These are things my Daddy does while he’s busy. Sometimes he doesn’t answer, but when he does he tells me that he was just busy and that’s everything’s okay. They’re extremely helpful and always keep me in little space.

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