PSA For Little Health and Hygiene



While this isn’t what I usually post, after a recent discussion it’s come to my attention that some women may not know or understand certain aspects of being little that could lead to very real health concerns. I’d like to talk about some of that today. This is going to include things for both sexual and non-sexual men and women that enjoy being in little space.

Bath bombs! Bath bombs, and especially glittery ones, are a fantastic way to make baths more fun! However, they should be used sparingly. Now, before you go thinking “You, mister, are clearly evil incarnate! D:<” hear me out. The primary ingredient in some bath bombs (especially home made ones) is baking soda. That’s part of what gives you the fun fizzlies. The problem with that, though, is baking soda is what’s referred to as “basic” on the pH scale. That means it’s the opposite of “acidic”, which does include natural acids produced by princess parts. Overusing bath bombs can lead to upsetting the pH balance in your lady bits and can cause things like irritation or even UTIs.

Pacifiers/Sippy cups/Anything orally fixated! Regardless of what your little age may be, it’s not uncommon at all to have an oral fixation or feel calmed by things like having a paci or sucking your thumb. Remember that saliva is one of the biggest culprits for carrying bacteria or disease. (Mononucleosis, commonly known as the ‘Kissing Disease’, doesn’t ACTUALLY get transmitted through kissing. It was given the nickname because it’s primary means of transportation is through saliva. The More You Know!™) Keep any and all things that regularly go into your little’s mouth properly cleaned. While good old soap and water generally do the trick, be sure to scrub pacis and sippy cup lids with rubbing alcohol and letting them air dry for a while before using them again. Same thing goes for anything else your little commonly likes to have in their mouths. Caregivers should keep their hands/bits cleaned too.

Stuffies and Plushies! Where there’s a little, there’s likely a stuffed animal/pokemon/fictional character not too far behind. Stuffies and plushies and bears, oh my, can be a little’s best friend and often are! However, even those little cuties aren’t completely immune to picking up dusts or allergens. While a fair number of stuffed figures are commonly made with a polyester blend, keep in mind if you have older toys or toys made with 100% cotton. The teeny tiny cotton fibers are notorious for holding onto dirt or little bits of pollen your little could be allergic to. “But I’m worried about putting my stuffie in the washer!!”  And that’s perfectly okay, if you have older, worn, or delicate friends, something you can do is give them a bath! You don’t want to submerge them underwater, as the cotton ball filling can hold onto bits of water for a long time, but what you can do is scrub them really well with a warm wash rag! No soap needed for this one, just be sure to clean (or ask your Caregiver to clean them for you) and help blowdry them to keep their fur/hair/wacky bits all dry and happy and healthy.

Littles that aren’t just little! This is more for the littles that are sexual with their Caregivers, so if that’s not you, you’re welcome to skip to the next section! Not all littles are only little. Some identify as pets or submissives or masochists right alongside feeling like they regress or enjoy little space. There’s nothing wrong with that either way, we’re all free to enjoy ourselves, but there’s still some misconceptions that I think aren’t talked about much with sex; and especially for women. Creampies, for example, could feel REALLY amazing! Nothing quite like wrapping your arms around Daddy and feeling full. However, it’s always good to remember to go to the bathroom afterwards! Cleaning up or having your Caregiver help is going to help you maintain some happy and healthy princess parts. This is also on the Daddys/Mommys/Caregivers out there to remember that no matter how filthy or freaky you both like things to be, he/she/they are ultimately your responsibility to keep them happy, healthy, and hygienic! Which brings me to my last point for the day:

Aftercare! Or, really, just care in general. It’s not always after, it can be before or during too! I highly, highly encourage any littles to sit down with their Caregiver and learn about in-depth details of both of your bodies. This can really extend outside of any DD/lg or like-minded relationships. Any form of D/s relationship can benefit from having more knowledge of each other. Don’t just settle on calling them “female products”, actually learn what your little or Caregiver uses and why. Know the difference between pads that are thin or ones with wings. Did you or your little know that douching is actually very damaging to lady parts and should only be used in specific circumstances? Did you or your little know that a proper diet and clothing choices go a long way towards promoting testicular health? Always remember that our private bits aren’t just the fun parts, but a part of our bodies that need to be looked after and cared for; just like immune systems! Always be excellent to each other and do what you can to promote all things healthy; including mental, physical, and emotional.

Thank you if you took the time to read this, I wouldn’t mind doing more posts talking more in-depth about certain topics if people would like to hear them or would like me to provide sources and reading material. Oh, also, I’m terrible at tags.

Guys, this is really really important for ALL OF US! Even if this post isn’t 100% SFW I will share it (skip the part “Littles that aren’t just Littles if you don’t wanna read anything sexual) because you should all know this for your OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY!

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