You disgust me




How sad for you.

I think it’s so strange that people think some body hair is disgusting when head hair, arm hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, leg hair on men bla bla bla are considered not disgusting at all. It’s the same thing. It’s just hair. People get so worked up over it, and it truly baffles my mind every time. It’s absolutely amazing to me how many people actually fall victim to this particular aspect of bullshit, nonsensical conditioning, especially to the point where they get emotional over what someone else’s body looks like, often a complete stranger. I try to stay in awe about it all, because otherwise I just get really sad. When I let the reality of the thing sink in, I, honestly, find it terribly, disturbingly sad.

Hold your opinion that my hair is disgusting all you want. That’s yours to own. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Personally, what sickens me is the fact that the majority of little girls get told from a young age basically that if they don’t regularly remove large areas of something (that grows naturally and is perfectly healthy to have) from their bodies, they will be regarded as ugly and disgusting and be ridiculed. Being mean to people for no good reason is disgusting. Little girls being tricked into believing they will only ever be loved and accepted if they have silky smooth skin all over, that in their natural form, unchanged, they will never be considered attractive and will always be looked down upon on some level – that’s disgusting. It is actually psychologically damaging and truly emotionally heart wrenching for a young mind to experience that kind of ostracism and scorn, and it can take years to recover. Many people never do. It’s real, and it’s really wrong. It is another weight adding to the collective insecurity and low self esteem of young people. These weights add up and often equal debilitating depression and even suicide. It’s actually quite a serious issue, in my opinion, because of how many people it successfully holds back from achieving their potential and even more so, because of how many people it completely debilitates.

It’s sad to see people who are so jaded that they lack compassion for their fellow humans on even basic levels and spew their flagrant disregard all about the place with fervor. Whether it be friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, or complete strangers on the web – in my opinion, making mean spirited jabs designed to bring people down is abhorrent behavior. I truly hope you grow into a more caring and open minded individual in the future. Best wishes to you, dear anon.

Just feeling like this is worth another share ✨

This bearded, hairy woman, who is harassed constantly about her hair, thanks you, @organichaos.

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