Sex worker reminders

Pay pal is not a safe payment option. They will freeze your account if they find out you are using your paypal account to sell sexual services or content.

  • If a client insists on using paypal, especially after tellng them your payment options, block them. They are trying to scam you.
  • Wishlist items can be used as payment but make sure you get the item first before fulfilling requests. Most sites have cancellation options and is a easy way for someone to scam you into making them content and pay nothing.
  • Don’t trust screen shots, they can be faked. Gift cards, bank statements, shipped items etc. Scammers tend to do this to reassure you they won’t scam you. Until that money/item is in your hand assume it’s fake.
  • Make an email speficially for business, this is the best way to organize yourself and keep track of client requests.
  • If you do receive an email for any type of request and it seems fishy, Google the email address. The results can reveal a lot like a potentially scammer.
  • Water mark your content. This is obvious but if you’re having a problem with your content being redistributed this is how to stop that. Tip; it might be obnoxious but big and somewhere in the centre usually ensures less theft.
  • Don’t let anyone talk down your prices. If they want it they can get it for $orginalaskingprice.99 👌🏽

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