The day the wrong kind of Dom tried to Dom a phi by phi-is-me on fetlife





I love writing like this because its so damn accurate of what wanna be doms do.

MASTERDOM: You are beautiful.
phi: Oh. Thanks.
MASTERDOM: I’ve decided to consider you.
phi: Uh…consider me? For what?
MASTERDOM: For training. To be my submissive.
phi: Training?
MASTERDOM: Yes, you will need to learn how to properly serve me before I accept your submission.
phi; I see. Why?
MASTERDOM: Because I have standards you will need to meet.
phi: No, I mean why are you considering me?
MASTERDOM: Why? You are submissive. I am Dominant. You crave my control over you.
phi: Right now I’m just craving nutella. Tell me what it is about me that makes you think I’m the right submissive for you?
MASTERDOM: Well, that is still under consideration.
phi: You’re under consideration
MASTERDOM: chuckles Very well. I see we’ll have to train the brat out of you….
phi: Oh, I’m not a brat.
MASTERDOM: Oh, you are definitely a brat.
phi: Oh, I’m definitely not. But that’s okay, you can’t be expected to understand that yet. But you’re in luck!
MASTERDOM: Why is that?
phi: Because I am now considering you for acceptance into my Dom Training Program for Wayward Doms.
MASTERDOM: I don’t need training, young lady. I’ve been doing this for years.
phi: First of all, I’m older than you are, chuckles. And secondly, you need to understand how to properly serve me as a Dom before I can serve you as a submissive.
MASTERDOM: That is ridiculous. The Dom does not serve the submissive.
phi: The hell he doesn’t.
MASTERDOM: I’m starting to think you would not serve me well as a submissive at all.
phi: What? You don’t say!
MASTERDOM: You are an insolent little whore.
phi: Awww, now you start with the sweet talk.
MASTERDOM: I don’t have time for this.
phi: You’re in luck! One of the first topics we cover in Dom Training is time management!


Some “DOMINANTS” have not understood how D/s relationships works.

Sadly this is more common than finding people who actually appreciates the power exchange, who contributes to development, who are eager to learn, and who actually have a clue about how domination works in reality.

For all submissives out there, don’t fall into the Dom-trap of clueless wannabees. The only thing that comes out of it is misery, anger and frustration. And learn how to dodge those wannabees the way phi did. Very well done.

This! Read it and understand it!

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